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Alcohol Feuled Camp Stove

When we arrived in Ashland, WI we visited Wal-Mart for our feul. The accent then announced its presence. Amazing.

Camped out at the North Shore State Trailhead in Two Harbors, MN, North of Duluth we used the camp stove for the first time.

It would have worked perfectly, exept we over-filled the feul. You can use regular Isopropyl alcohol, over 90%. If you fill the feul too much, there is a bad-smelling black soot that covers the bottom of the stove, and probably your lungs if you breathe it in. Less is better. It hardly burns any of the alcohol, also. It does seem much safer than gasoline, and the flame is as easy to extinguish as snuffing it out with the feul canister lid.

Boils 12 oz of water in 4 minutes, it would probably take a little more time if we had not, once again, over-filled the alcohol.

Sleeping in the back of the truck and showering are a challenge, we have yet to use our tent, because of all the rain...

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